Information is the new global currency. Our career-focused Informatics program emphasis prepares you with the critical skills needed to create, manage, and analyze data in a digital world.

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Students in computer lab

Gain the skills to pursue a career in a wide variety of government, private, and public organizations, including military, finance, retail, education, and manufacturing. Upon graduation, you become a candidate for a broad range of employment opportunities that include: project manager, researcher, data analyst, systems administrator, and information manager.

The College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) majors feature a common core of courses that develop writing, math, analysis, ethics, and critical thinking skills and include a senior capstone experience.

Choose between the Information Management, Digital Design, Software Development, and Network Operations Emphases. Each features unique, program-specific courses and learning opportunities. All are offered fully online with instructor-optioned video conferencing and face-to-face components.

Software Development Emphasis

Students in the Software Development emphasis learn a variety of software fundamentals, including object-oriented and system programming, UNIX, mobile app development, web programming and secure computing. Students learn by doing and create a variety of software applications under the guidance of faculty. The Software Development emphasis prepares students for a variety of positions, including Software and Web developer, Data Engineer, Mobile App Developer and Data Analyst positions.

Network Operations Emphasis

Network Operations students develop the engineering and operational skills required to create, operate and defend complex computing and information networks. The program curriculum includes theory, operational labs, modern network architecture, advanced routing and switching, systems administration, cloud computing, network defense, wireless networking and network security. Security is a prevailing theme across all of these areas of study.  Network Operations graduates are prepared to take on a wide variety of IT-related positions in the private, public and government sectors.


Information Management Emphasis

The Information Management emphasis prepares students for careers in database administration, data analysis and engineering, web development and information architecture. Students learn the foundations of database systems, web design and programming, data visualization and analysis, as well as methods for visualizing, managing, and analyzing information.

Digital Design Emphasis

Digital design touches all aspects of our virtual world. The cool graphics in your favorite video game? A digital designer created that. The graphical interface in the apps you use every day? Digital design is what makes them easy to navigate and use.

Students in the Digital Design emphasis actively build, shape and create digital worlds. They do so by analyzing and visualizing data, then designing engaging and effective applications. Students in the Digital Design emphasis graduate ready for careers in web and game design, game development and general digital design.

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